For creative remote project teams

Quaaant provides your team with a collaborative platform, allowing everyone to work on the same design file at the same time.
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Bring your whole team together

All your team members can view and edit the same file simultaneously.

Save with context​

Know who made changes, when, and why.

Share with anyone

Share your designs with others and let them view your work.

Ready to publish your first design and share with the team?

Frequently asked questions

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Quaaant works as a cloud storage for all your projects. You can give new team members access to specific projects to help them understand how your team works.
You can collaborate with an unlimited number of people on the same design file.

Merging lets you and your teammates collaborate in exciting new ways. For example, you could create a branch to revise a type hierarchy while your teammate branches off to work on the project’s color palette. Once they finish their work and merge their changes into your branch, you will then have file which contain both, your type choices and their colors.

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