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Quaaant integrates with your existing design tools to give you a single place to track, manage, and visualize your design process.
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One file, multiple flows

No more digging through local or cloud files. Get your creative ideas flowing by always knowing where to find the latest.

No lost versions

Working with Quaaant means you can focus on your design and not worry about losing any small change or design direction.

Visualize your design process

Branches let you try out new design directions in the same file, without affecting the original concept.

Combine different design directions

Simply create a branch, do your thing, then merge your changes when ready.

Top features for designers

Version history

Empower designers to collaborate without overwriting or losing work with git-based version management.

Each save makes a new point in history, and you can easily preview old versions in a new tab.

Want to go back to a previous version? No problem. With version history in Quaaant, you have your own time machine where you can easily revert to older versions with just one click.


Split design into several directions and switch between them with ease.

Merge design versions

Drag & drop to automatically combine different branches.

Separate work-in-progress from main, using branches. Solve version conflicts and merge changes automatically, when your work is done.

More features for designers

Version revert

You can easily revert to any previous version.

Visual conflict resolution

If you have conflicts when merging, you can decide which changes to keep.

Cloud storage

Keep your projects in one place and access them from anywhere.

Ready to say hello to a new, streamlined design workflow?

Frequently asked questions

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Design version control is a way to manage and track changes to design files. It allows designers to collaborate on the same project, and ensures that everyone is working with the latest version of the design. This can help prevent conflicts and make it easier to roll back to an earlier version if necessary.
Quaaant stores an unlimited version history for every project you create.

A branch is like your own personal copy of a project’s main branch. It’s where you can safely make changes to a project’s designs without affecting the original source of truth. Working on a branch allows you to experiment and edit without worrying about messing up the original design. When you’re happy with your changes, you can merge them into the main branch. This way, you can improve a project without worrying about overwriting any important work.

Branches can help you keep your edits organized into separate lines of work. Merging allows you to bring those edits together into one place, once the work is finished.

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