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Quaaant allows the team lead to oversee the entire design process, making it easy to adjust the workflow as needed.
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Quaaant has been designed with your workflow in mind. We’ve carefully crafted every feature to help you save time by streamlining repetitive tasks and speeding up your design process.

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Stay on top of your projects from any device. Monitor their status and get project details, without having to use the design tool. Everything you need is available at Quaaant web platform.

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Frequently asked questions

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Before merging, most teams should have their work reviewed by one or more people. Each team has its own process for approving work—for example, the team may require one-on-one communication between a designer and the reviewer, or they may conduct larger reviews of multiple designs with other team members.

Quaaant takes the security and data protection of client projects very seriously. To ensure that sensitive client data is kept confidential, Quaaant includes features such as secure login and access controls, encryption of data in transit and at rest, and regular security audits and assessments. In addition, Quaaant has a clearly defined data retention and destruction policy to ensure that client data is only retained for as long as necessary and is properly disposed of when no longer needed. These measures help to ensure that Quaaant is a secure and reliable platform for managing sensitive design projects.

Yes. Qaaant uses Stripe for storing payment details and payment processing. You can find more information about Stripe’s security and PCI Compliance here.

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