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Adobe Illustrator

Vector graphics editing software with a variety of tools and features that allow users to create and edit artwork with precision and flexibility.

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Available features

Version history

Each save makes a new point in history, and you can open old versions in a new tab.


Split design into several directions and switch between them with ease.

Merge design versions

Drag & drop to automatically combine different branches.

Version revert

You can easily revert to any previous version.

Visual conflict resolution

If you have conflicts when merging, you can decide which changes to keep.

Cloud storage

Keep your projects in one place and access them from anywhere.


It’s easy to share designs with your team members and other Quaaant users.

User roles

Allow team members to make changes to a specific project or branch.

Asset library

You can organize your assets into libraries and share them with ease.

Academy videos

Starting a new project


Version your designs


Design branching

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